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Magik Mat is an innovative educational product for children that provides a dynamic and immersive experience for children. Magik Mat entertains children while enhancing various skills through its captivating and enjoyable educational games.

Cognitive Workout

Magik Mat helps children develop important cognitive skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and memory retention.

Confidence Booster

Magik Mat boosts children’s confidence and helps them feel more capable and confident. It helps develop their skills and encourages them to learn through play.

Comprehensive Learning

Interactive learning games make comprehensive learning fun and engaging. From numeracy and literacy to problem-solving and critical thinking, Magik Mat helps children develop a wide range of skills in a playful way.

Mind Body Coordination

By engaging in physical activity-based games, children synchronise their thoughts and actions, enhancing coordination between the mind and body.

Unwrap Kids Excitement

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Magik Mat provides a diverse collection of educational games centered around mathematics and English. These games feature progression-based tasks, opportunities for point accumulation, and varying difficulty levels to enhance learning and engagement.

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