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Magikmat Brainfeed


Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad

We’re all set to be a part of this Brainfeed event, where we’ll be showcasing our engaging educational products. Join us at our stall for a hands-on experience and insightful discussions.



Bangalore International Exhibition Center, Tumkur Main Road, Hobli, Bengaluru

We are showcasing our innovative educational solutions and contributing to the vibrant discussions on the future of learning at the DIDAC Event. Join us at our booth for interactive demonstrations, engaging conversations, and a firsthand look at how our products are shaping the educational landscape.


AMPS Edu Expo 2023

Trade Center, Nandambakkam, Chennai

Participating in AMPS Edu Expo 2023 to introduce the educational product, seamlessly blending education and entertainment. Interactive educational games showcase the product’s capacity to make learning enjoyable for parents, educators, and children alike.

Magikmat Brainfeed

Digi Techno Summit 2.0

Kondajji Basappa Auditorium, Bangalore

Engaging in the Digi Techno Summit 2.0 event to introduce innovative products for children’s learning, a combination of fun and education The immersive experience includes educational games and demonstrations, emphasizing the product’s potential to make learning enjoyable for children.

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